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The portal for Learning with ATLAS@CERN is an experimental laboratory for students, teachers and science museum visitors. The aim is to improve science instruction by expanding the resources for teaching and learning in schools, universities and science centers & museums, providing more challenging and authentic learning experiences.

Explore Learning with ATLAS@CERN Repository: The Learning with ATLAS@CERN Repository includes educational materials (lesson plans, student projects, videos, animations and high quality images of unique high energy physics phenomena)

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Share your content: The Learning with ATLAS@CERN Tool-Box will provide you with all the necessary tools to prepare your content for the ATLAS@CERN Repository.

By being a registered user of the portal you can download and upload educational material from the ATLAS@CERN Repository and access ATLAS@CERN Tool-Box. Otherwise, as a first step, if you just want to just browse at the available educational material, you can go directly to the repository.

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